Square One

I will be reading how aesthetic can be defined or affected by context through the anthropomorphic depiction in cartoons, focussing on minorities (race, age, class, sexuality, and gender)

To research this I have thought of possible areas, questions and ideas I want to inquire/ elaborate further on:

  • How has animation character aesthetic developed/ been recycled since it began?
  • How has cartoon depiction improved from early animations to now?
  • Did they become more inclusive/accepting of minorities?
  • Have they become less offensive? If so, does that limit creative freedom?
  • How did the context define the character?

To make order of the chaos: I have begun by deciding to focus on studying 2D cartoon characters that defined eras, that appealed to all ages from both film and television, from the foundations of characters in Animation to current character predilection. Essentially (excuse the pun) the ‘Top Cats’ of Animation; passé and modern.

As the practical outcome for this research I intend to produce a walk cycle of different characters throughout eras of animation.


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