Cartoons concerning racial depiction

Alice Cans The Cannibals. 1925. Walt Disney

Image (sound not representational)

One Step Ahead Of My Shadow. 1933. Warner Brothers


The Little Lion. 1939. Warner Brothers.


A Day At The Zoo. 1939. Warner Brothers

Image (now censored – originally made racist references to baboons and black people)

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs. 1943


These racist cartoons with a variety of characters were inspired by recognizable performer types from Vaudeville including ‘bits’ (topical references, physical gags and ethnic jokes).

Three Orphan Kitties. 1935. Walt Disney

Image (not in English)

Tom And Jerry: The Mouse Comes To Dinner (1945)


These films show black stereotypes’ allusion to marginal roles for example maids/nannies.

Little Hiawatha. 1937. Disney


Jungle Drums (starring Superman) 1943.


These films show the ethnography apparent into animation (Haiwatha’s racial depiction is almost Caucasian and the aboriginals are somehow part of a Nazi party).

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