Reading The Rabbit

Reading the Rabbit: Explorations in Warner Bros. Animation (1998)

“A wide-ranging inquiry into an important area of contemporary scholarly interest, and also an engaging, well written and intelligently conceived collection.” -Eric Smoodin, author of Animating Culture: Hollywood Cartoons From the Sound Era

An abundant revelation to my interest, this book provided insight into Warner Brothers almost-obscurity during Disney’s epoch, despite their Looney boom in Animation; with consideration to a resounding decade of WB salvation, (1988 – 1998) the given collection of essays into their history, compares and contrasts in relation to Disney,  both companies’ creative undulations: including thought-provoking analysis into treatment of class, race and gender.ll


Final Thoughts: what exactly is Bug’s Bunny trying not to fall into? I daren’t mention my first thought…

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